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Question, what kind of bear is best?

Work In Progress / 20 October 2020

Annihilation bear.

Probably one of my favorite movie moments ever. 


The V project: Part 9

Work In Progress / 01 September 2019

Whoops a bit of time has passed but I've started working on this again. This time I'm very close to finishing the highpoly phase. 

She's gone through some slight design changes. Mainly to the head since it felt too busy and I wanted more focus on the mask than hair.

Also since I have a multiple old designs and I'm now having some extra fun with them. 

She got her yellow eye from lying unconscious in a puddle of toxins after Talon’s goons broke into her lab and knocked her out. She had turned them down multiple times earlier, quite rudely so, so they ran out of patience. Widowmaker’s Venom Mine is based on the stolen data and after that Vee kinda joined Overwatch just to annoy Talon. 


Mysterious mummy

Work In Progress / 06 June 2019

Late night speedsculpting result of feeling inspired by a weird mix of ancient egypt and SCP.


Tali WIP 06

Work In Progress / 06 April 2019

Working hard.



General / 04 April 2019

Been feeling like updating my alien characters. With them I try to mix avian/Pterosaur features with mammals, but basically they're horny bat monkeys. 

She's Sunny and she never smiles.


Tali WIP 05

Work In Progress / 24 March 2019

Baking. So much baking.



Tali WIP 04

Work In Progress / 13 March 2019

Phew nearly done with the retopo. Heavily relying on dynamic subdivs and ZModeler when sculpting made this quite a lot quicker. Now I mainly need to add some details and clean up some too highpoly meshes.

 She's currently at around +80k triangles, face included.



Tali WIP 03

Work In Progress / 09 March 2019

Continuing with the lowpoly. Face first.

Never been a fan of the popular purple skin idea. They're from a brown desert planet so to me they're shades of brown as well.


Testing out NPR

Work In Progress / 07 March 2019

land dino

sea dino



Tali WIP 02

Work In Progress / 20 February 2019

More ZModeler details. I haven't done much actual sculpting compared to my normal pipeline.